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The Laurel School is unique in our approach to the whole child. We address all aspects of learning from academic to social and emotional development when a child enters Laurel. We provide a safe haven for children who have not been able to find a good fit in other academic settings. 

Revenue Sources - Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating our children; 90% of our fundraising is from individual donations—7% from grants. We receive no government funding as a not-for-profit independent school. 

We serve a diverse community because of our generous tuition assistance. Currently, 40% of our families rely on some level of tuition assistance. We allocate 23% of our tuition towards tuition assistance. These are some of the highest numbers in the SF Bay Area. We do this to encourage diversity as well as offer support to families who otherwise could not afford come to this school. We believe every child deserves to have a Laurel education. 

We serve children with various learning differences. The primary focus of the school is serving students diagnosed with a learning difference. A learning difference is a lifelong disorder that affects the way in which individuals select, retain, and express information. Information may become scrambled as it travels between the senses and the brain. A learning difference is often termed a hidden disability because it may be difficult for others to recognize. You can look at a person and have no idea of his or her learning challenges. Students with learning differences often have additional diagnoses that contribute to the complexity of their needs. This can include difficulties with attention, sensory processing, and social skill development. Due to the complex nature of their processing challenges, it is often difficult for our students to participate in general education settings. They often require one-on-one or small group learning. Many of our students require a greater degree of explicit teaching and/or multi-sensory learning experiences. The students’ processing difficulties can also make it difficult for them to distinguish non-verbal social cues. This can interfere with their ability to make and maintain friendships. 

Our school environment is so important! Our supportive environment is one of understanding and flexibility that allows every student to work within her or his own needs while focusing on academic competency, social skills competency, and above all our foundational traits of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-advocacy. 

How to Give

The Laurel School has two major fundraisers! We call our fall fundraiser the Annual Fund.
The Annual Fund was established to supplement the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating a Laurel School student. Revenue from the Annual Fund is crucial to the operation of the school and is second only to tuition income. It helps to preserve the quality of the school’s overall program and is vital to the fiscal success of the school. This helps support important operating costs at the school such as teacher salaries, health care, and rent and of course special programs for our children such as drama, PE, technology upgrades, and computers so that every child can have one-on-one technology provided to them. For more information, visit our Annual Fund FAQ page.

The spring fundraiser is our Laurel School Gala! This celebration includes a dinner, live and silent auction, and a wonderful way to spend time as a community. If you are a parent, alumni, grandparent, or special friend, your participation in these events, even if it is a monetary donation, makes a huge difference for our school and our children. Not only are you investing in your child’s current education, you are also guaranteeing the school will be around for future generations to come. 

We accept donations year round on our website by clicking on the “donate now” button. A check, credit card (with minor fee attached), or stock donations can be accepted as payment. Additionally, we accept matching gifts from corporations and foundations. The Laurel School is nonprofit so all of your donations are tax deductible. Please contact the school if you need further information on donations (415) 752-3567 or e-mail Hal Hensler


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Matching Gifts & Donating Securities

A matching gift from your employer enhances the value of your gift. Ask your employer if it has a matching gift program! If it does, it will provide you with a form that you can send to us. We will verify with the employer that you have contributed and complete the paperwork process.

You can also realize enhanced tax savings with a gift of appreciated securities to The Laurel School. If your broker or bank holds your securities, contact Hal Hensler at (415) 752-3567 before transferring stocks.

eSCRIP Program

With eSCRIP, our school receives funds as a result of the grocery and household shopping your family already does. Simply register your credit or debit cards, and eSCRIP rebates a percentage of your purchases back to Laurel School.


We are always looking for grant opportunities. If you have a connection with a foundation, we’d love to know about it. Please contact Hal Hensler at (415) 752-3567 or Patricia Hickey.

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