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Our faculty and staff members are professionally trained to work with our special group of students. It is through open communication and working together that we can all meet the needs of each child who walks through our doors. If you ever have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s teacher.



Hal Hensler
Head of School
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Liana Miyamura
Admissions Director
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Pat St. John
Asst. to Head of School
Office Manager
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Joanne Green
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Dan Hutchens
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Betty Milburn
Middle School Language Arts/Math
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Nan Robarge
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Enessa Sanchez
1st-2nd Grade
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Lynne Shepherd
3rd-4th Grade
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Jane Taylor
5th Grade
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Joanne Walsh
Middle School Science
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Jim Wojtak
7th-8th Grade Language Arts
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Blaise Yates
Middle School History
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A Message from Hal Hensler, Head of School

The Laurel School provides a unique, nurturing environment where children with their own learning styles have the opportunity to develop skills that they are unable to obtain in conventional classrooms.
The Laurel School’s teachers use strength-based intervention to accommodate individual successes while constantly assessing each child’s individual learning plan. 
The Laurel School is a community of learners, teachers, and parents, working together to provide an environment where children learn, attain confidence, take risks, and speak effectively. I invite you to browse our website to learn more about the school and see the difference we provide. Please contact us to arrange a tour to see us in action!
Warm regards,

Hal Hensler

Head of School 




A Message from Liana Miyamura, Admissions Director

A Message from Pat St. John, Asst. to Head of School
Office Manager

A Message from Joanne Green, Drama

A Message from Dan Hutchens, PE

A Message from Betty Milburn, Middle School Language Arts/Math

A Message from Nan Robarge, Art

A Message from Enessa Sanchez, 1st-2nd Grade

A Message from Lynne Shepherd, 3rd-4th Grade

A Message from Jane Taylor, 5th Grade

A Message from Joanne Walsh, Middle School Science

A Message from Jim Wojtak, 7th-8th Grade Language Arts

A Message from Blaise Yates, Middle School History

Dan Hutchens, PE Teacher