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How We Learn

laptop and booksEvery child is different. In the same way that every child has a unique personality, each child is also unique in the way he or she learns. At Laurel, we embrace the differences of each child and nurture the development of the whole child—intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Our goal is to develop and maintain an early love of learning.

Because every child has an individual learning style, teachers implement a broad curriculum using a variety of styles to help students learn individually and in cooperative groups to complement each learning style. We challenge children to do their best, no matter their developmental stage. We utilize methods such as Brain Gym, Handwriting Without Tears, Lindamood Bell Visualizing & Verbalizing, Making Math Real, the Slingerland Approach, and others.

Students at Laurel work at their own pace, something that is important for children who have areas of significant strength and other areas that are still developing.

Focus on the Whole Child

The Laurel School is committed to nurturing the whole child, and social and emotional learning are integral to the school-wide curriculum. Personal and interpersonal growth is among the most important outcomes of our academic programs.

We foster cooperative relationships among and between students to stimulate intellectual curiosity, build self-confidence, and provide tools for success within the interpersonal domain. We encourage students to develop self-respect, which enables them to develop respect and concern for the well-being of others.

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