The Laurel School
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Lower School

Our Lower School serves first through fifth grade students as they begin their educational careers. Here we develop strong foundations that children can build upon whether or not they continue their education through our middle school. We teach students how to work on the areas of need, as they develop and excel in areas where they exhibit excellence. 

First Grade

We lay the foundation of our program within the walls of our first grade classroom. Learning centers provide opportunities for children to experience art, music, sensory exploration, reading, listening, building, and the use of manipulatives. Our students progress at their own pace, as they engage in meaningful learning activities. They have the opportunity to engage in group work, cooperation, and motor skills development while learning reading, writing, math, and science skills.

Second Through Fifth Grade

Development continues to grow in our second through fifth grade classrooms as we build on students’ appreciation and joy of learning. We emphasize creativity and problem solving within a framework that meets or exceeds California State learning standards. Language arts, social studies, and mathematics are an important part of the curriculum with an additional focus on science, physical education, and creative arts. Students visit the nearby public library and playgrounds and spend time exploring the surrounding neighborhood.

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Dynamic Programming

Dynamic programs that address the needs of all our students include:

  • Executive Function
  • Mindfulness
  • Social Skills
  • Self Advocacy Skills

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