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The Laurel School offers a variety of special programs for students to help students not only meet educational needs but to broaden horizons and stimulate interests as we grow well-rounded adults. We are proud to provide these classes to students as noted below.


All students have easy access to the latest technology with wireless MacBook Pro laptop computers, iPads, and Chrome Books. Our technology instruction is systematic, in that it provides a natural progression from learning the basics to putting that knowledge to use in a way that will benefit our students in the future. First grade students use our technology resources to practice alphabet recognition, learn the keyboard, begin phonetic spelling, and reinforce math concepts. We introduce second and third grade students to basic keyboarding through a self-paced typing program. Upper elementary and middle school students learn word processing, presentation software, and use the Internet for research.


Every child has the opportunity to be a star at The Laurel School. Our lively drama program encourages students to be creative and builds their confidence through acting and stage direction. All students participate in the drama program’s annual musical, whether as an actor, as part of the chorus, or behind the scenes. Past programs have included Brothers Grim – Broadway Bound, Mother Goose Mystery, and Babes on Broadway. By the end of each program, students are forever changed by an unforgettable experience that pulls students out of their shells no matter how the student participated.

Students in fifth through eighth grades learn the history of the modern drama. They put on their own production as they learn about the history of theater, motion pictures, and television. Charlie Chaplin’s Gold Rush and Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds play a part in influencing our budding entertainers.

Creative and Visual Arts

The Creative Arts

Music, art, movement, and drama are integral parts of the daily classroom experience. Students learn from experts in their respective fields, who bring years of training and experience to our students. Music demands the use of higher-level thinking skills, including the ability to analyze sequence and identify patterns. We expose our elementary students to these elements in our Adventures in Music program, an internationally-recognized comprehensive music education program produced by the San Francisco Symphony.

Visual Arts

Our art teachers work hand in hand with classroom teachers to integrate art with science, social studies, math, and music. We regularly invite specialized instructors to our campus to work with students. Students explore a variety of materials and techniques as they learn about their own creative processes. Field trips to local museums and exhibits round out our art, culture, and history curriculum.

Physical Education

Physical education is an integral part of a child’s education, allowing them to learn how health and wellness fit into their lives as a whole. Students gain confidence playing games and sports at their own ability levels. We incorporate sequential development of physical and motor skills, cooperative teamwork, non-competitive games, and traditional competitive sports. Students in third through eighth grades may participate in Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) intramural sports, competing in volleyball and basketball, through our neighboring school, Star of the Sea.

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