The Laurel School

The Laurel School
350 Ninth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118
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Peek into a classroom at The Laurel School and youíll see something amazing.

A fourth grader who was once paralyzed with shyness confidently leads a class discussion. In another classroom, a sixth-grader with dyslexia masters geography by building a three-dimensional relief map. Meanwhile, in a lively kindergarten class, kids learn by using sensory-based toys and puzzles.

The Laurel School is a place where kids with learning differences who donít fit into a traditional school setting can truly blossom. Our highly skilled teachers excel at special needs education and use innovative techniques to get students excited about learning. As a result, Laurel students can achieve academic excellence, boost their creativity, and build social skills for life.


Tour dates for 2014:

March 18th at 10 am

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"I was so bad at math in my other school. Iím really proud that Iím in a math class thatís ahead of most kids. It really shows that if you work hard, you can get better."

— Jenna, 8th Grade student